About The Kanji Foundry

The Kanji Foundry is a British owned and run Japanese to English translation company set up in 1995 formerly based near Liverpool in the United Kingdom but currently based near Shanghai in China. It is a sister company to the on-line patent translation course and medical translation course at The Kanji Foundry Learning and the illustrated companion to pharmacology at The Kanji Foundry Press.

With a background in pharmacology, biotechnology and patent translation and with over 20 years translating experience both in the UK and Japan, it is an ideal place to get Japanese to English translations done at a reasonable cost, with high quality and with good turnaround times. Proofreading and revision can also be done. You can get a quote or make a general inquiry about translation and proofreading/revision by e-mailing The Kanji Foundry here without any obligation.

The Kanji Foundry is run by Trevor Wright BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Bath and MSc in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and formerly a Senior Patent Analyst at Thomson Reuters specialising in the translation and analysis of Japanese biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical patents.

Trevor was, for a short time, a PTHP lecturer at the University of Portsmouth working as an external tutor on the University's MA Translation Studies course and has also presented several medical workshops at the University of Bath to its Masters in Interpreting and Translation students.

Trevor had an article published in the In May-June 2013 ITI Bulletin entitled 'The Patent Challenge, Is Japanese Patent Translation Really That Difficult?’ You can download it here courtesy of ITI. Trevor has a Linked In profile too.

Professional membership - unlike other professions, translation and interpreting are unregulated and membership of a professional organisation is largely voluntary although there are some exceptions for specialist interpreters. Trevor is a member of the Japanese Network of The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (J-Net) in the UK and is a member of The Japan Association of Translators (JAT).